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    Creative Request Forms

    Please select one of the following types of communication that best describes the needs of your project. If you are in need of a press release, please send information and details regarding event to cchandler@www.plwew.com.
    It is the client's responsibility to approve their designed piece(s) to ensure the proof is correct. Please check spelling and accuracy before approving content and artwork. If a proof with errors is approved by the client, they are responsible for payment of all printing costs including reprints. A final proof is provided at the time of Final Sign-off. Services to the campus are free of charge; however, the client will be responsible for outside costs such as printing and postage. 
    The Office of Communication and Marketing reserves the right to enforce University brand and style guidelines as well as accessibility guidelines on all materials
    Includes artwork and design for:
    Digital Monitors
    Email Signatures
    Emails (Mailchimp or Campus)
    Marquee Signage
    Includes design and print for: