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    Development Grant Reimbursement

    Tree Blossoming in front of Old Main

    WTAMU Foundation Development Grant Reimbursement

    WTAMU Foundation Logo

    WTAMU Foundation was established in 1946 to support West Texas A&M University and its  students by seeking, receiving, and administering gifts and grants in order to advance the  mission of the University.

    Contact 806-651-2070 with any questions, comments, or concerns 


    • Funds must be expended within one year of the date of the award letter.
    • WTAMU Foundation Development Grants are approved for a specific purpose. Grant funds remaining, after allowable costs are reimbursed, are retained by the WTAMU Foundation.
    • Expenses must be paid through your department
    • Reimbursement will go to your department
    • Funds must be used for intended purpose as outlined in the proposal.
    • Receipts are required for all reimbursement requests (form provided).
    • Expected attendance at Foundation reception and/or Board meeting (advance notice will be given).
    • A brief report must be submitted upon completion of the project or activity, including an overview of the completed project or activity, outcomes, and a brief description of how the award funds were used.

    Please contact 806-651-2070 to submit the WTAMU Foundation Development Grant Reimbursement Form  WTAMU Foundation.


    The report form is available online at www.www.plwew.com/foundationgrantreport.

    Reminder: Reports are generally submitted before or at the same time the reimbursement form is submitted.